Authority and Expectations (dialogue)

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The Intrinsic Openness of the Hive Mind

Common Blockers and Effective Responses This list specifies common dialogue blockers that function rhetorically to silence a perspective or divert the conversation away from a critical insight.

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The difference might be how often it happens to them, and why it happens to them. For instance: most white people have received bad customer service.

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How often does that happen? Why does it happen to you?

Thinking through these situations can help you empathize with someone who experiences this all the time because of identity. There may be people here who do agree and have had very similar experiences. Are you open to hearing more about these experiences? After witnessing it happen so many times and not being able to find any other explanation, I now believe that there most often is some prejudice underneath this type of reaction. And it is important to respect them enough to acknowledge their perspective.

The Process of Dialogue: Creating Effective Communication

You misunderstood me! I hear your intent was…, and I hope you can also realize the impact was different than what you intended. Examples: What do you all think about this? Refer to Group Guidelines: If your group created guidelines a. Example: I wonder if we could refer back to our guidelines and remember to… when we speak with each other. Not Speaking for Participants: When trying to avoid having a participant put on the spot, we can sometimes speak for them.

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Instead, refer to other considerations on this list for ideas. Additionally, it is important to be aware of how any positive emotional reactions may show in your non-verbals for related reasons. Strive for multipartiality : Try to notice dominant narratives that may arise in the conversation and aim to create an environment where everyone feels safe and included in the deeper exploration of them.

Tone Matters: Said in different tones, any one of these facilitator responses can sound either supportive and challenging, or belittling and punitive. It is important to be aware that tone matters and challenge participants in a way that keeps them engaged and not defensive.

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Related Facilitator questions adapted by robbie routenberg of InciteChange! Structures of co-operation between the states of the South East European region that can be used to promote the drug policy issue as a priority on their agenda. The aim of the meeting was to discuss about the cooperation between authorities and NGOs at the national level, open up the possibility to exchange information and experiences of good practices and reflect on perspectives of future cooperation.

You can read the full report here. The conference brought together representatives of NGOs, Policy makers and researchers from 9 countries , active in the drugs field in the region, in order to discuss drug policy developments and trends, in view of socio-political developments and the implementation of the recommendations of the UNGASS outcome Document Issues that were discussed at the conference: 1.

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Youth culture, summer festivals, drug use and harm reduction in South East Europe: Policy implications for the competent authorities, the organizers of the festivals and harm reduction services. Refugees and migrants in the countries of South East Europe and the drugs issue. An exploration of the state of affairs, the contribution of the NGOs and the National authorities.

The South East Europe perspective.

Evaluation and follow up of the Harm reduction project in SEE. Current topics of importance: a. The regulation of cannabis for medical purposes, b.

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The aim of the meeting was to provide updated information of the current state of drug policy and harm reduction in Cyprus through the experience of all stakeholders, and also to identify possible proposals to address current barriers and challenges. On May 10th a meeting took place in Belgrade, Serbia between representatives of Non-Governmental organisations active in the field of drugs and National drug co-ordinators from the Countries in South East Europe.

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At the meeting participated drug policy co-ordinators and NGOs from respectively 9 and 10 countries of South East Europe. The meeting was an opportunity to exchange information and experiences of good practices and to reflect on possibilities of future cooperation on the national and regional level. After an introduction of the participants the current situation of cooperation between National Authorities and NGOs was discussed.

Authority and Expectations (dialogue) Authority and Expectations (dialogue)
Authority and Expectations (dialogue) Authority and Expectations (dialogue)
Authority and Expectations (dialogue) Authority and Expectations (dialogue)
Authority and Expectations (dialogue) Authority and Expectations (dialogue)
Authority and Expectations (dialogue) Authority and Expectations (dialogue)
Authority and Expectations (dialogue) Authority and Expectations (dialogue)
Authority and Expectations (dialogue) Authority and Expectations (dialogue)
Authority and Expectations (dialogue) Authority and Expectations (dialogue)

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