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Astral Drive is nothing less than one of the best albums of Astral Drive finds Phil Thornalley doing most of the heavy lifting for a joyous tour de force composed of original songs that echo the catchy sounds that the Hermit of Mink Hollow made all those many years ago. What shines brightly and decisively from within these dozen tracks is the passion that Michael Simmons has for making and playing music he played most of the instruments on this album.

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He would do well to keep at this music thing and start planning his next collection with due haste. Linus of Hollywood Cabin Life Nearly 20 years after his debut long player landed on planet Earth, Linus of Hollywood has served up 10 scoops of tasty, melodic treats on Cabin Fever, his delightful fifth effort that really, truly is the kind of thing that puts a spring in your step. And that winding road? Every number is a winner in this Cabaret of Love. Ideal Social Situation. Where to Get It: Bandcamp , Amazon. Prepare for an emotionally uplifting listening experience.

Stream on YouTube and Spotify. Louise Goffin All These Hellos An exceptional dialog driven by melody and emotion, All These Hellos is a steamer trunk full of memories placed under a microscope to help us figure our place under the sun. The artist is clearly invested in these slices of reflective pop; such is the strength of communication with the listener. Goffin embraces her pop side with a number of straight ahead, upbeat charmers.

And the title song is an inviting mid-tempo number about needing the memories of a childhood place to fade. Where to Get It: Amazon , iTunes. The band has upped the level of urgency normally associated with their work. In other words, business as usual, with a bit more zing. The effect that the Grip Weeds have achieved with this song alone is hall-of-fame worthy.

Escape From the Future: The Clown Caper

The whole pop-rocking ball of wax rolls into the exhaustive closer, the six-minute-long title track, which states its introductory case firmly opened in widescreen, Who territory and concludes with all instruments and vocals blazing and coming together in an impassioned burst of emotion. What a welcome shout of energetic joy this album brings! It is a marvel. This is a new-phase VWR album that thunders across the plains with harder-edged chutzpah than their previous releases.

The guitars are louder and the sound is more aggressive. The sound is more purposeful, but just as catchy and fun as always. For this new album, the band has recorded songs with flashy hooks just as they have done all along, but this time around, there is perhaps a little more oomph spitting out of the engine. This new-phase VWR is a well-oiled and rocking machine.

But manifest itself it will. Happy New Year!

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  8. More than new and new-to-you songs, including the latest releases from your favorite melodic pop music artists, have been added to the Pure Pop Radio playlist. Caper Clowns. You want more? Click on the Live Listen Now link below, and enjoy! Pure Pop Radio plays the greatest melodic pop music from across the decades, 24 hours a day. Listen by clicking on the Live Listen Now button at left. Where to Get It: Amazon. The Legal Matters Conrad With this album, the Legal Matters have set a new standard for vocal harmonies in melodic pop music. Andy Reed, Chris Richards, and Keith Klingensmith are the players, and their human voices are their instruments.

    To listen to this album is a thrilling experience. A splendid time, to be sure. Most certainly. The 14 songs on offer, encompassing s, s and modern melodic pop vibes, are tremendously affecting, beautifully drawn snapshots of a happy existence. These songs make heads turn and hearts embrace its many charms.

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    Gleeson Curse My Lucky Stars Austin, Texas band Gleeson have made their White Album, a sparkling collection of songs varied in approach and tone that makes a case for melodic pop being the genre of the moment. Second-hand comic stalls were a dive into nostalgia. Of course stuffed replicas of characters and figurines completed the little multi-faceted fete. There were even two Tintin cars at the exhibition with backgrounds of the hero illustrated in them with his friend, the captain, the other extreme in personality.

    For some reason the locals found it entertaining to watch the inflation of balloons on the third day of the festival. Some helped by holding strings attached to the blow-ups and others simply watched while munching on famous Belgium potato fries. This was all in preparation for the balloon parade where the Atomium, Manneken Pis, Snowy, Spip, and of course Spirou and Tintin themselves, and others floated down the streets of Brussels.

    Being a small population, and having only recently started recognising its potential as a tourist destination, the crowd of parade-spectators was of a modest size. This just made the event a lot more fun with less pushing and more looking. Men dressed in uniform twirled flags in honour of their paper heroes. A lot of students waved their fists in enthusiasm at each passing cartoon character.

    Many visit Belgium just to achieve a doctorate in comics!

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    Comics are taken very seriously here — so intensely that auctions for their statues and balloons can cross the thousand euro mark with guilt-free ease. Even as a foreigner, simply watching the drawings tugged at a smile, in spite of limited command over the French language.

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    This is a must buy book for all Sci-Fi and Fantasy readers alike. I for one, am seriously looking forwards to meeting up with this dynamic detective duo in future 'Escape From The Future' novels. Aug 13, Anne rated it it was amazing. I was given this ARC for an honest review.

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    5. The book moves at a fast pace with the vividly described characters in the story. I felt that I was inside a kaleidoscope looking out through all the colors at a word that was moving very fast.

      caper clowns | Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio

      It is a futuristic world where all but a few humans are inhabited by Nanobytes and the people can create entire worlds in their i I was given this ARC for an honest review. It is a futuristic world where all but a few humans are inhabited by Nanobytes and the people can create entire worlds in their imaginations.

      From the balloon animals created in the beginning, these animals morph into murderous clowns you ran into throughout the book. There were times I fund myself a little confused because so much was happing at the same time. It is worth it to accept what is going on and just go on the ride where the story takes you. The writing is done well and many of the conversations are very amusing.

      The Clown Caper by Alan Warner

      You can tell that Dean has a fantastic imagination and a talent for blending all the parts of the story to make a great read. Dec 26, Eric James-Olson rated it it was amazing. Very unique. Other reviewers have described this as unique, creative, and well written.

      SickKids Therapeutic Clowns: The T-shirt Caper... The Old Switcheroo

      And I agree. I'm going to stay away from writing about the plot or characters because other reviewers have already done so. Instead, I'll talk about writing style and structure. The writing style is engaging for a few reasons. First, Moore uses a variety of sentence structures which present several actions occurring at the same time.

      Capering Clowns Capering Clowns
      Capering Clowns Capering Clowns
      Capering Clowns Capering Clowns
      Capering Clowns Capering Clowns
      Capering Clowns Capering Clowns
      Capering Clowns Capering Clowns
      Capering Clowns Capering Clowns
      Capering Clowns Capering Clowns
      Capering Clowns

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