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Read about our editorial guiding principles and the standards ABC journalists and content makers follow. Learn more. What are Australians really thinking and feeling? Thousands of people told us— and now you can see how you compare. Young Trump encounters his toughest challenge yet as the giant ImPeach rolls around to take him on an adventure. At first glance, the secluded camp looks like a lost city. Through the scrub are caravans, tents, vans and little dorms, where a group of kids are switching off technology and connecting with Indigenous culture.

The year-old has devoted himself to space operations from the radio shack in his home in regional SA. By Defence reporter Andrew Greene. Related Story: China using diplomacy in seeking support against US pressures. Related Story: The risks of a new Cold War are very real.

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Here's why. Related Story: Navy chief flags greater military presence in south-west Pacific.

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Photo: The US accused the Chinese ship of conducting an "unsafe and unprofessional manoeuvre". This article includes interactive enhancements which are not supported on this platform. South China Sea. Beijing opens maritime rescue base in South China Sea Christopher Pyne urges China to act responsibly in the South China Sea China deploys anti-ship missiles in the desert making them harder to intercept China sends military ships and aircraft to warn off US Navy vessel in disputed waters US Vice-President says South China Sea belongs to no-one Near-collision of warships captured in photos Xi Jinping amps up China's military to 'prepare for battle'.

Here's what's happening in your mouth 'Pain is demoralising': Sia reveals she has chronic pain condition. Connect with ABC News. Got a news tip? Editorial Policies Read about our editorial guiding principles and the standards ABC journalists and content makers follow. Where do you fit? In this session moderated by Letitia Campbell, panelists reflect on the life and legacy of James H. Dianne Stewart and Elizabeth Bounds will join other students and colleagues of Cone Dwayne Meadows, Jacquelyn Grant and Raphael Warnock to discuss his impact as a teacher, mentor and colleague, and the meaning of his work today.

This fun session will focus on three delicious picture books.

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These and other questions have long preoccupied Deboleena Roy. A lawyer and newspaperman, A. Lee was a principled opponent of mob rule, yet he was also a racial paternalist. Crespino and fellow historian and author Kevin M. Remarkable advances in artificial intelligence AI are changing the way we do business, diagnose disease and even relate to one another.

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But the development of AI is also fraught with unprecedented challenges. How will we build fairness and equity into AI models?

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  6. How will we make certain they will be accurate, trustworthy and unbiased? Can AI programs be protected from cyberterrorists and hackers? As AI surpasses human intelligence and capabilities, how do we ensure that we continue to control AI, rather than the other way around? John Banja and Nassim Parvin will discuss these and other challenges that AI poses to society and ponder the ethical dilemmas that AI poses to us all. Moderated by Paul Root Wolpe.

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    6. His invention of the duplex—a combination of the sonnet, the ghazal and the blues—is testament to his formal skill. Robyn Fivush moderates the session. The election of Barack Obama marked a critical point in American political and social history. Did the historic election of a black president actually change the status of blacks in the United States?

      A woman by this name was born in Basra, Iraq, in the eighth century, but her life remains recorded only in legends, stories, poems and hagiographies. The various depictions of her—as a deeply spiritual ascetic, an existentialist rebel and a romantic lover—seem impossible to reconcile, yet she has transcended these narratives to become a global symbol of both Sufi and modern secular culture. Anthropologist Melvin Konner, who was raised as an Orthodox Jew but has lived his adult life without such faith, explores the psychology, development, brain science, evolution and even genetics of the varied religious impulses we experience as a species. Frans de Waal, C. Candler Professor, psychology; director, Living Links Center. Frans de Waal has spent four decades at the forefront of animal research. De Waal discusses facial expressions, the emotions behind human politics, the illusion of free will, animal sentience and more. The message opens our hearts and minds to the many ways in which humans and other animals are connected, transforming how we view the living world around us. Festival goers can stop by the Emory tent to enjoy even more activities on Saturday and Sunday. Hours are 10 a. Saturday and p.

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      Decatur (Images of America) Decatur (Images of America)
      Decatur (Images of America) Decatur (Images of America)
      Decatur (Images of America) Decatur (Images of America)
      Decatur (Images of America) Decatur (Images of America)
      Decatur (Images of America) Decatur (Images of America)
      Decatur (Images of America) Decatur (Images of America)
      Decatur (Images of America) Decatur (Images of America)

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