Her New Boss - Erotic Short Story for Women

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Once there, he pulled his Range Rover off the road and onto a patch of grass and gravel. They both got out of the car and walked a couple hundred yards into a large empty field.


It really was an ideal plot of land. The property was fairly level without many trees that would need to be cleared. One side butted up to an inlet of Lake Michigan and another to a waterfront park. The anticipation was killing her. She watched Carson survey the property with his back to her for a few minutes. When he finally faced her, his winning grin was broader than ever.

Carson walked across the empty field with his hands shoved into his pants pockets. Georgia had seen more than one person underestimate the youngest Newport and regret it. An acquaintance from college had told her about the land. She got the idea they wanted to move quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

If the Newport Corporation moved fast, they could avoid the sale becoming public and competitors driving up the price of the land. Georgia smiled and slipped her purse off her shoulder. Anything she could ever possibly need was in that bag. Today that included an insulated bag with chilled champagne and cups. Reaching back inside, Georgia pulled out two red plastic cups.

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  • Erotic fiction: read The Female Boss?
  • Short Pants No Underwear.
  • Office Sex.

He let the cork fly across the field and then poured them both a healthy-size glass. She was there, and then she was gone. Their mother was all they had for family. The brothers had taken it all very hard, but Carson especially. When he finally set her back on the ground, both of them were giggling and giddy from drinking the champagne on empty stomachs.

Breastfeeding Her Boss (Lactation Fantasies)

Georgia stumbled dizzily against his chest and held to his shoulders until the world stopped moving around her. Carson was the leanest of the three brothers, but his grip on her told of hard muscles hidden beneath his expensive suit.

Strict Boss And Her Beautiful Secretary - The Story Of Every Woman in Office

She could feel his warm breath brushing over her skin. Before she knew what was happening, Carson brought her fantasy to reality by dipping his head and pressing his lips to hers. The champagne was just strong enough to mute the voices in her head that told her this was a bad idea.

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Instead she gave in to his kiss, pulling him closer. He tasted like champagne and spearmint. His touch was gentle yet firm.

Then she looked up at him. His green eyes reflected sudden panic. She had just kissed her boss. Her boss!

With a quick shake of her head, she dismissed his words and took a step back from him. It had felt amazing.

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Things happen when you work closely with someone. The regret was gone and there was a fire in his eyes now as he looked at her. His jaw was tight. That kiss was a mistake and they both knew it. It was their office phones. Georgia swallowed her disappointment, turned her back to him and reached into her blouse to retrieve her phone. She always kept it on silent, tucked away in her shirt so she would know when she got a call without interrupting business. When she looked down, the message on the screen nearly devastated her.

Georgia had no doubt Sutton must have been able to charm any woman he wanted when he was a younger man. He had quite the reputation where women were concerned even now, despite his age and longtime marriage to Celeste Van Houten. Georgia could see why. Fortunately Georgia knew to stay far away from the likes of Winchester. He was an underhanded bastard in business dealings.

Georgia let her phone drop to her side and turned back to face Carson.

The Boss | The New Yorker

Their kiss faded into her distant memory as she focused on their next steps. Pick up Saying Yes to the Boss from your local book store or order your copy:. Leave this field empty. Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time.. Newly independent real-life adult Ellie McCormack loves everything about her first apartment…except her neighbor.

One hot night with him helps Ellie see through the man who drives women wild, to the good guy beneath it all. A guy that she just might be able to fall for…. For college drop-out Lauren Scott, Kalamazoo, Michigan, is the perfect place to lay low and avoid her politically mobile East coast family. For struggling singer-songwriter and full-time nurse assistant Daniel Ebbing, Kalamazoo is the place he wants to escape. Ever since the death of his mother, Daniel has regretted not returning to England with his father.

Moving across an ocean costs far more than he anticipated, and his bank account is caught in a one step forward, two steps back dance. She needs a roommate. He needs a cheap place to live. Betrothed to the heir of Lord Canis, Aurelia finds herself thrown to the wolves. The Canis Clan are no ordinary warriors, but beasts raging beneath the skin of men. Their name chills the heart of every man in Britannia, though the heart of one maiden may be saved… Once a mighty warrior in high esteem among the Clan, Sir Raf Canis knows all too well the dangers Aurelia will face in her new role as Lady of Blackens Gate.

Content Warning: This book contains ableist language and attitudes in the context of its historical setting, as well as mentions of suicide, which may be triggering or upsetting to some readers. Originally published in When the dead become monsters and community loyalties fracture, Evelyn must rely on John Quill, a young hired man, for protection from the terrors outside the commune, and the dangers within.

Her New Boss - Erotic Short Story for Women Her New Boss - Erotic Short Story for Women
Her New Boss - Erotic Short Story for Women Her New Boss - Erotic Short Story for Women
Her New Boss - Erotic Short Story for Women Her New Boss - Erotic Short Story for Women
Her New Boss - Erotic Short Story for Women Her New Boss - Erotic Short Story for Women
Her New Boss - Erotic Short Story for Women Her New Boss - Erotic Short Story for Women
Her New Boss - Erotic Short Story for Women Her New Boss - Erotic Short Story for Women

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