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He is consultant to a number of companies producing natural medicines for animals and has written for several magazines. He has also contributed to a number of books on homeopathy and complementary medicine but has a special interest in treating horses homeopathically.

Du kanske gillar. Spara som favorit. Horses are unique animals which have evolved and adapted to a huge range of environments and lifestyles. Homeopathy too has evolved - we have expanded and added to our knowledge of the remedies since Hahnemann's time. We understand them more intrinsically and can apply them more effectively in treating ill health and disease through a deeper insight.

Homeopathy for Horses (2nd ED)

She had actually rubbed the hair off one side of her face and portions of her body. Our veterinarian, after thorough examination, strongly recommended euthanasia. I chose instead to try a natural medicine that I have successfully used on colic on many less severe cases in the past. The vet left me his euthanizing drug thinking I would need to use it soon.

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Over the next three hours, we gave two doses per hour with continual improvements. We gave one dose every hour until bedtime and one dose in the middle of the night; by morning the mare seemed normal, minus a lot of hair on one side. We continued one dose in the water bucket per day for about three weeks. What amazed me is how this mare blossomed since the life and death colic incident. She put on more muscle than ever, was much calmer and thrived on minimal feed what was a constitutional weakness now became a constitutional strength.

Her digestion and assimilation system were functioning incredibly well. She became one of our easiest keepers!

Natural homeopathic medicines can be used without side effects or reactions with other drugs. They can safely be used with conventional therapies to maximize the healing and recovery of your pets, farm animals, or any of earth's creatures. After many years as a practicing classical homeopath I have been convinced the newer contemporary approaches work. Through many years of clinical challenges among multiple practitioners of various strong opinions, pure raw results have ruled in favor of the contemporary homeopathic applications.

The contemporary methods of combining appropriate homeopathic ingredients, multiple potencies in an energetically cleansed pure water base, have produced a broader therapeutic spectrum that has provided deep acting curative results of the older traditional methods. The only difference is in the ease and speed of use and the higher percentage of results. We have found many of the minor remedies have shown to be major solutions to many of today's more perplexing conditions.

It was difficult in the past to discern the effective use of the minor remedies due to the small number of provings done. Of the official homeopathic remedies, the great majority are minor remedies. The safe and effective time-tested results of homeopathy are unprecedented in the history of medicine. Colic is one of the most dangerous medical problems affecting horses each year with its crippling and killing results.

Promptly and efficiently using homeopathic remedies, along with your veterinarian' care, for this ailment can vastly reduce the number of equine deaths from colic! Every stable should have a contemporary formulated colic formula on hand for these types of emergencies. Aids digestion.

Frank J. King, Jr.

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He is the founder and director of King Bio Homeopathics and Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals, a registered year-old homeopathic manufacturing company dedicated to completing chiropractic destiny with the marriage of homeopathy. He can be contacted through his website at www. I've used "Lobellia" and "Valerian" tinctures drops Lobellia- to 20 drops Valerian but I don't believe it has to be that exact- just more Valerian than Lobellia as Lobellia is very potent.

Homeopathic remedies for horses

Stacy Jett more than 2 years ago. Can this formula you shared be given as a preventative? My horse had an episode just yesterday while on a trail ride, he started shaking his head and then went to his knees.

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I walked him around then got back on him and rode another 30 minutes everyone thought maybe he did it because of the heavy attack of flies around our horses heads he started the same shaking of his head and was trying to go down again. I got off of him and walked him to the rode to get trailered home. The only thing I could come up with was gas colic.


He has never done this before while riding. He has normal BM's. I put him up overnight he seems fine now. In your article Equine Colic and Homeopathy you share a colic remedy formula could this be used also for a preventative? Is there somewhere I could purchase the formula? It would be so helpful if you would please share this information Thank you.

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Trish Lovelace more than 2 years ago. I have a horse that displays asmatha like symptoms, lethargic and breathing hard once asked to canter.

Homeopathy for Horses Homeopathy for Horses
Homeopathy for Horses Homeopathy for Horses
Homeopathy for Horses Homeopathy for Horses
Homeopathy for Horses Homeopathy for Horses
Homeopathy for Horses Homeopathy for Horses
Homeopathy for Horses Homeopathy for Horses

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