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The new ingredients lubricate the blade as you skate creating the perfect skating surface. Our new installation design ensures decades of skating enjoyment. Designed to meet the needs of an ice rink owner, panels are a manageable 4' x 4' size that are light 29 lbs and very easy for a single person to assemble and disassemble in minutes. Convenient size reduces shipping costs and the pallet can be dropped right at your door.

The rinks with our newest generation synthetic ice SLICK can be installed either indoors or outdoors for sports, commercial or home use. Now you can turn practically any facility — from a room or a garage to a stadium or a mall parking lot - into an instant highest quality ice rink. Just like any sport, success in playing hockey requires years of practice. Among team sports, hockey always stood alone because expensive and inconvenient time on ice was the only way to practice.

Both coaches and players agree that practicing on our synthetic ice is even more effective than on real ice. We have also a longtime expertise in running synthetic ice rinks ourselves, so we know exactly what you need to be a succeful ice rink operator. And we will share all our knowledge with you. Be it a seasonal, mobile or a permanent ice rink - it's a simple, fun and profitable business! It's the best business opportunity with the high ROI known to us.

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Have you been thinking about a backyard ice rink for your home? We make your decision very easy. Our newest generation synthetic ice allows your family to practice hockey, figure skating or just have fun skating! Not just when it's cold outside or when you can afford the time and expense to get to a rink, but, anytime and in any weather.

Now you can set up a home ice rink wherever you have space - a basement, a garage, and yes, even the backyard! During his 58 years, he's mastered many skills, and his focus on building the rink is laser-like. I value speed over quality of craftsmanship. For the rink job, I just want ice; if the boards are uneven, so be it. Dave wants to build the rink with the precision of the Great Pyramid of Giza. At one point in our planning, I mention that I can't spare a whole week.

He replies, "Well, it has to be right. Dave has a plan. In addition to prescribing specific locations for each plank—2 x 6s on the uphill side, 2 x 12s at the bottom of the slope, and a combination of 2 x 8s and 2 x 10s along the sides—he wants to shape each board to conform to the ground's irregularities.

This would remove any chance that the water-filled liner would bulge out and pop a leak. His technique also promises a uniform edge all the way around. Too finicky? But after all he's done to this point, I owe him the courtesy of following his plan. When he suggests that the two of us custom-fit the first board, to teach everyone else, I go along. As we mark, trim, test fit and retrim the lumber, our volunteers stand around, attempting to blow frosty smoke rings in the icy air.

After a half-hour of tedious, finger-numbing work, Dave and I finish board one. The crowd dissents. Nods all around. A walk-off strike looms.

Create the perfect natural outdoor skating rink this winter

But Dave holds fast, claiming that once we get the process down, the rest will be easy. That proves optimistic. Owing to frozen tufts of grass, our fitted pieces fail to eliminate the gap between the wood and ground. A tight fit would require hours of adjustments. Dave relents, saying, "This will take longer than I thought.

What's that I hear? A collective sigh of relief? Now all we need to do is place the boards according to Dave's blueprints, screw in the tie plates and drive the stakes. The crew splits into two work groups, and the yard beehives with activity.

Building a Backyard Ice Rink - Iron Sleek Style

Chris's wife, Nancy, arrives with hot chocolate and doughnuts. As if cued by a Hollywood director, a light snow falls. Four hours later, with the planks securely in place, everyone races into the Browns' house to thaw out. Who knew freezing water could be so complicated?

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  • When I researched rink building, the consensus seemed to be that obtaining billiard-table-smooth ice requires a multistage layering process. Pour in some water, let it freeze, add more water, and repeat until the desired depth is achieved. Most seemed to think that this is best done during an all-night session, when the sun won't slow the freezing.


    Crazy, right? Even an endless supply of my favorite frosty beverage wouldn't make a night spent with a garden hose remotely interesting. Given cold enough temperatures, water freezes. End of discussion. After Chris and I staple the plastic to the boards the following day, we turn on the hose. Nearly 18 hours later, the rink is full but, Houston, we've got a problem. At the deep end, where the water is 10 inches deep, the pressure has forced the plastic through the gap between the wood and grass, and there's a trickling leak.

    We thought we had prepared for this by packing the gaps with snow, but it seems my quick-and-dirty approach has put the dirt on my face. Not ready to concede the superiority of Dave's fastidious methodology, I dash inside and check the forecast: temperatures in the teens or lower for the rest of the week. For the first time in my life, I rejoice in the cold. Over the next few days, I inspect the breach like a prison guard.

    By day three, it and the entire rink are frozen solid. The job, however, is not done. The evening of our first skate, Dave drops by with a pair of spotlights mounted on foot-tall boards. We secure the lights to the now-unused soccer goals. More donations pile in. Two benches appear alongside the ice.

    Building your own backyard hockey rink

    A neighbor from two doors away who missed the construction day presents a wide, sharp shovel perfect for clearing ice shavings. Another drops off a pile of hockey sticks and a bag of pucks. A week later, I fabricate two skating trainers out of PVC pipe see diagram for the beginners.

    A plastic lawn chair can support beginning skaters while they learn to gain their balance on the ice. Even better, a custom-built trainer surrounds the skater and provides more stability. We cribbed this design from a local indoor rink, modified the dimensions for our kids and constructed it with 2-inch PVC pipe and fittings. Using sheet-metal screws instead of PVC cement imparts flexibility. For a guy who waited 48 years to lace up his first pair of blades, Chris is now all about the ice.

    He's still shaky and lands on his backside so often we joke about calluses. But after four weeks, he never misses our Saturday morning adults-only hockey games. We have room for three-on-three play, and a couple of the neighborhood guys are so good we make them play with the small ends of their sticks. Without the rink, I would have had no way to find out about their hockey skills. Nor would I have discovered that Clayton had played offense and defense for the Michigan football team, or that Charlene once figure-skated competitively and can still perform dizzying pirouettes.

    Except for the adult hockey games, the younger set rules the ice.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Every evening I arrive home and am greeted by two kids dressed for action. The Browns generously institute an open-door policy, so the rink is always open. Most nights, there are a half-dozen kids and parents gliding around. Folks out walking their dogs stop by to have a look and say hello. Because of the rink, we've met more people in three months than we had the previous nine years.

    10 of the world's best ice skating rinks | Musement

    And this is during the winter, when we used to burrow indoors, a happy family, to be sure, but a family unto ourselves. We used to curse the cold. Now we hope it lasts through April.

    Making the Perfect Ice Rink Making the Perfect Ice Rink
    Making the Perfect Ice Rink Making the Perfect Ice Rink
    Making the Perfect Ice Rink Making the Perfect Ice Rink
    Making the Perfect Ice Rink Making the Perfect Ice Rink
    Making the Perfect Ice Rink Making the Perfect Ice Rink
    Making the Perfect Ice Rink Making the Perfect Ice Rink
    Making the Perfect Ice Rink Making the Perfect Ice Rink
    Making the Perfect Ice Rink Making the Perfect Ice Rink

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