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Thus, Forman's novels seek to offer a therapeutic approach to the difficult topics faced by pubescent adolescents and their growing confusion towards the world around them. If I Stay is key in providing some insight into a circumstance that many teens might not face, but can relate to in other ways. Forman addresses these concerns in a way that is compelling and unique, providing a fresh insight on many confusing topics. Many teens, especially girls, can relate to Mia. Her distanced relationship from her parents due to their inability to agree on music style is often seen as a struggle between teens and their own parents.

Her passionate cello-playing speaks to her desire to please her family and friends, to entertain her desire to be accepted. Her boyfriend, Adam , is both loving and frustrating at times, as she struggles to make sense of her future plans that come into conflict with her feelings for him. Kim , Mia's best friend, and Adam do not care for each other, yet they both are her support system, both in life and near death.

If I Stay Background

At the end of the day, however, the choice to stay is only Mia's decision. Thus, the choices we all must make in our lives, whether it be between the love of our lives or our passions, whether to follow your parents' plans for your future or carve out your own way, whether you choose to carry on or give up-regardless, the choice is yours, whatever it may be.

And making that choice is all part of growing up, of transitioning from an emotional teen to a mature adult, and becoming who you are.

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Explain how Mia finds her grandparents in the lobby. What are their gestures? Mia finds her grandparents because she hears them "chattering". Grandpa is peeling the top off of his styrofoam coffee cup, and Gran simply chatters away like she is speaking to the air. Whats the theme? The setting is a family home in a town in Oregon just outside Portland. Less than an inch of snow covers the ground and school has been cancelled for the day.

If I Stay study guide contains a biography of Gayle Forman, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Remember me.

Ayobami Abedayo’s novel tackles couplehood, infertility and Nigeria

Though many expected Akin to take several wives, he and Yejide have always agreed: polygamy is not for them. But four years into their marriage—after consulting fertility doctors and healers, trying strange teas and unlikely cures—Yejide is still not pregnant. A thoroughly contemporary—and deeply moving—portrait of a marriage. The story is ancient, but Adebayo imbues it with a vibrant, contemporary spirit.

Robot Overlords novel – Mark Stay Writes

A powerfully affecting tale of love, loyalty, and betrayal. Filled with big-hearted feelings and all kinds of female strength. A layered story of love, sacrifice and hope.

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  • Stay With Me by Ayòbámi Adébáyò review – a big-hearted Nigerian debut | Books | The Guardian.
  • Stay with Me by Ayobami Adebayo: | Books.
  • Adebayo is surely a writer to watch. A story of complicated love teetering between tradition and modernity.

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    Q: Was there a particular incident that inspired this novel? A: When I was in my late teens, a couple of friends passed away suddenly. This was quite distressing but after a while, as tends to happen when one is once or twice removed from grief, I stopped thinking about them all the time. I wondered how they found the strength to get out of bed every day after such a devastating loss, and questioned why these women were expected, after a period of mourning, to continue life as normal.

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    In , a few days after an encounter with one of them, I wrote a short story that would later morph into Stay with Me. Q: Yejide and Akin have a fascinating marriage, filled with tragedy and resilience. Is their story based on any real events? Her response to the things that happen in her marriage is often rooted in her desire to escape the loneliness of that last rung of the hierarchy which Taiye Selasi refers to.

    To state the obvious, Yejide is central to Stay with Me and writing about her felt like getting to know a real person.

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    • So, though it sounds weird, getting to know Yejide intimately was the real event from which this novel emerged. Q: Why was it important for you to tell this story from two perspectives? I think that embracing a multiplicity of perspectives is often essential to closing the gap between knowledge and understandingy. Q: One of the struggles they face as a couple is that Nigerian society expects a man to have multiple wives, while Yejide is vehemently opposed to polygamy.

      Is this a reality for many Nigerian couples today? The threat of polygamy, the possibility of it, still hangs over a lot of marriages and continues to have an impact on the power dynamics between couples. Q: Sickle cell disease plays a prominent role in the story, and without giving away too much, can you explain why you included this thread in Stay with Me? A: The friends I mentioned earlier, whose mothers would sort of haunt me for a while, both died after suffering from sickle cell disease all their lives.

      I began to research the disease because I wanted to understand this thing that had been such a big part of their lives before it eventually killed them. The implication is that if I have children with someone who also has the gene, our children could have sickle cell disease.

      Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀: Stay With Me - Her debut novel, women in Nigeria and the Baileys Prize

      So, I read a lot about the disease while I was in my early twenties and that seeped into a number of projects I was working on at the time including Stay with Me. As burglaries and robberies became the norm, those who could afford it built higher fences, hired guards and bought ferocious dogs. Though this novel is mostly set under military rule in the eighties, this response is still a common one for many middle-class Nigerians.

      Stay: A Novel
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      Stay: A Novel

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