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So the reality is that, if the standard for getting a high school diploma is raised to the standard required to be successful in the first year of community college, then a large fraction of the students who complete high school under the current requirements for a high school diploma would no longer get one, for many years to come.

That will not stand. The political pressure to change such a system will be unstoppable. It will take the form of a demand to lower or abandon the standard.


The alternative is abandoning the idea of simply raising the graduation standard to the level required to succeed in the first year of community college. Let the high school diploma be what it has effectively been for many years: an attendance certificate. That attendance certificate is no minor thing. It certifies that the student has had the stick-to-itiveness to show up for twelve or more years, take all the required courses, complete the required work and do whatever else was needed to get passing grades.

Not only is that not nothing, it is pretty much all that is required for millions of jobs in the American economy, from unskilled laborer to farmhand and retail clerk. Millions of American employers are looking for workers who have a good work ethic, will show up on time, put in a full day's work and get the job done. They are even happy to teach them the arithmetic they need if they can find them. That is what a high school diploma should do for millions of job applicants and employers.

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Which gets me to the third strand of my tangled web. When I first heard that successful CTE high schools were actually selective high schools, selecting on academic performance in middle school, I was very upset. What, I asked, about the very large numbers of students who this process left behind? Then I realized that I could not have it both ways. If CTE is ever to be anything other than the low-status option for students who could not do academics—if CTE is ever to have the same status as academic education and provide the high technical skills that middle-skill jobs now demand—then it has to set academic standards for the students who choose it that are on par with the standards for students going on to serious academic programs.

Students would choose it not because it was easy but because it was hands-on and exciting and they could see the purpose in learning the classroom component every day.

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The Bush and Obama administrations put enormous pressure on schools to raise graduation rates. Too many responded with workarounds for the students, ways to get a diploma by cutting corners. Some do it with "credit recovery," which is nothing more than a chance to graduate using an alternative assessment that virtually anyone could pass. Others use similar workarounds.

The leap in graduation rates is largely bogus. The right policy goal is to find a way to greatly improve student achievement across the board, for every group in our society, while portraying achievement honestly and accurately. If you don't do that, if you choose instead to misrepresent student achievement by lowering the standard without acknowledging you have done so, all you do is put the integrity of the whole system in doubt.

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But if you advertise a standard as college and career ready and then deny a high school diploma to all who do not meet it, you will either have to lower that standard or lose your policy-making job, because it will be years before that gap is closed and the society cannot and will not tolerate a large fraction of students leaving high school with no credential at all. Better to have one standard that truly means college and career ready and another that means the student did everything needed to meet a traditional high school graduation standard.

But this way of thinking about standards and gateways has its own dangers. Suppose that sticking with a high school diploma that is not tied to a community college entrance requirement results in a permanent underclass of mainly poor and minority students who are never expected to get more than a high school diploma, who will always be in the low-skill, low-wage jobs, generation after generation.

That is an intolerable outcome. Fortunately, there are a growing number of high-performing countries that have managed to produce not only much higher student achievement overall than the United States, but much higher equity in those results than we have yet achieved. Among the most important indicators of equity is the substantially higher proportion of students living in poverty in these countries that end up in the top ranks of student performance.

They include not just more money, but much more effective ways to spend that money, especially for the most disadvantaged. I don't have the space here to rehearse the list once more. In the context of the argument I have made in this blog, what I want to emphasize is what I have seen most clearly in Singapore and Shanghai.

I told you earlier that, according to PISA, students in the top-performing systems are graduating two and three years ahead of their U.

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  • Again, students at Singapore's lowest quartile perform better than the average American student. In both cases, a great effort is made to place first-rate teachers and administrators in the schools serving the most disadvantaged. The expectations for students are set very high for all students and the students are given a curriculum that is matched to those standards.

    But the teachers are given much more time to work with each other to develop highly effective lessons and effective teaching techniques so the students can reach those higher standards. Their approach to formative evaluation provides teachers with the skills needed to figure out whether every student in the class understands the material as it is being taught, so no one falls behind.

    If a student does fall behind, a team of teachers is formed to figure out why and fix the problem, whatever it is, in school or out.

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    • If a whole group of students is falling behind, the core curriculum is stretched out and enriched for them and the students get much more support, whether that means before school, during the school day, on Saturdays or during the summer, in small groups, one-on-one, whatever it takes. More time, more support, but not lower standards.

      In this system, students do not routinely arrive at middle school from elementary school two or even three years behind.

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      It simply does not happen. Nor does it happen at the transition from middle school to high school. The teachers take collective responsibility for the students, monitor them closely and work together in real time to address problems in performance as they arise, not after they have accumulated for years. Because of this, the delivery consultants here at SendGrid often hear a familiar question from the marketers we work with. Is it fair that mailboxes such as Gmail and Yahoo!

      From a universal human perspective, I would say no. Confused yet? The reason behind this dilemma is the same reason why we remind all marketers during consultations that email is an environment where marketers are essentially still considered a guest. Even though your recipients have agreed to receive your email, it is still a privilege and not a right to land in their inbox. And this is a fair point. If a user senses that their inbox is all junk email, they may drop that email address and try out another provider.

      So, with that in mind, are you doing all you can to appeal to or hear from your user on what they want from your emails?

      The Judgement (2) - Great Expotations - Tangled The Series

      Consider the following changes or improvements to your email program:. Keep digging into the elements above so you can be confident that you know what your users and their representative filters want. Gmail , and most recently, Yahoo!


      Caching is a method to store data and web elements such as images so that it is faster to retrieve on subsequent page loads. How does this update this affect data-driven strategies within marketing? Becuase images are used to track metrics such as clicks, this update can skew your engagement rates and not be as accurate as it previously was. What can you do to ensure your metrics are as accurate as possible? This can help you at least know the number of humans who were interested in your message and not the number of times that message was opened.

      Tangled Expectations Tangled Expectations
      Tangled Expectations Tangled Expectations
      Tangled Expectations Tangled Expectations
      Tangled Expectations Tangled Expectations
      Tangled Expectations Tangled Expectations
      Tangled Expectations Tangled Expectations

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