The Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903

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Papam – Cardinals, Consistories Conclaves

In desperation, someone suggested an obscure, but apparently pious archbishop named Bartolommeo Prignano as a compromise candidate. It was, however, a ghastly mistake. Urban turned out to be a violently unhinged lunatic with a massive persecution complex. His behaviour split the Church in two and catalysed the Great Schism. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he was the last non-cardinal to be elected pope.

By the mid-fifteenth century, the Church had recovered from the traumas of the Schism and the rules governing conclave seemed to have become firmly established. But, as the papal election of , the ambitions — and tempers — of cardinals had not been moderated at all. Holding secret meetings in the latrines, he tried to bribe and intimidate his colleagues into voting for him. Things, however, did not quite go to plan.

Very quickly, the learned Cardinal Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini began to emerge as the front-runner. After the final ballot, cardinals were given the opportunity to change their votes if they wished, and within minutes, Piccolomini was only one vote short of victory. Running across the chapel, he and one of his supporters grabbed hold of Colonna and tried desperately to drag him out of the room. A brawl erupted. As the power and wealth of the papacy grew, cardinals lusted after the papal tiara with ever greater fervour, and elections rapidly became dominated by rampant simony. None, however, was worse than the conclave of The ferociously ambitious and worldly Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia would stop at nothing in his quest to become the next pope, and was reputed to have offered four mule-loads of silver and benefices worth over 10, ducats a year to Ascanio Sforza alone.

Rome was said to have been awash with Borgia money while the election was going on. One of the most obvious features of all conclaves is that voting is restricted to members of the Sacred College of Cardinals.

  1. The Bride of Seven-Hawks-Dancing.
  2. Cardinal Gibbons and the Stormy Conclave of 1903.
  3. Once a Warrior.

But in , this all changed. Previously, kings had simply given cash to their top man in Rome to spend as they thought appropriate, but in , King Philip II of Spain went one step further. That anyway is the clear teaching of Libertas, Immortale Dei, and other pertinent encyclicals. Ironically, too, it would be Pius and Leo who would in turn condemn the nascent Modernism and Americanism with which Gibbons was associated; it was to him, after all, that Testem Benevolentiae was addressed admittedly, in his capacity as Archbishop of the Primary See in the US.

It was just such a dismissiveness about the desirability of the public acknowledgement of the doctrine of the Social Kingship of Christ that spurred Leo to write. God always works to the good.

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  • Sometimes in accord with the actions of men, sometimes in spite of them. Really Tom? Considering your vociferous and repeated disagreement with the use of the death penalty as articulated by Pope John Paul II I would have thought that would be self-evident to you.

    A Web site by papal historian Anura Guruge on Papal Elections

    We of course have the practical problem of the fact that it is a big world out there and most people in it are not Catholic. We then have the added problem that Catholics tend to disagree among themselves on most things outside of the essentials of the faith. Finally we have the history of the Confessional States that was often quite unhappy for the Church with constant intervention by the State and often rabid anti-clericalism developing among the opponents of the State who viewed the Church as merely an arm of the State.

    Americanism was an imaginary heresy, largely the result of Pope Leo XIII being ill-informed about conditions in America and paying too much heed to idiots among American clerics who delighted in attempting to stir up trouble over nothing. Modernism was a real enough heresy, although Pope Pius tended to throw the baby out with the bath water and completely orthodox Catholic scholars suffered along with complete heretics.

    We would do well to understand exactly what Pope Leo XIII actually meant when he condemned Americanism as this passage from the encyclical distinguishes:. But if this is to be so understood that the doctrines which have been adverted to above are not only indicated, but exalted, there can be no manner of doubt that our venerable brethren, the bishops of America, would be the first to repudiate and condemn it as being most injurious to themselves and to their country.

    For it would give rise to the suspicion that there are among you some who conceive and would have the Church in America to be different from what it is in the rest of the world. From what I understand, at the time there was a movement within the American Church to apply American style democracy to Church government.

    List of papal elections - Wikipedia

    Cardinal Gibbons and the rest of the American heirarchy responded that no one among them taught these propositions that were condemned:. They were really scratching their heads on this one and had a hard time figuring out why the Pope was concerned with a non-problem in this country. This tempest in a papal tea pot had more to do with the French Church.

    A biography of Father Isaac Hecker, founder of the Paulists and now a Servant of God, was mistranslated into French and portrayed Father Hecker as some sort of flaming radical which he was not. This book became popular among liberal Catholics in France. As usual the relationship between the French Church and the Vatican was turbulent at this time.

    An axiomatic analysis of the papal conclave

    Quite right Greg. The whole incident is fairly confusing and the I-Hate-America fringe of the RadTrads help increase the confusion deliberately. If I remember correctly, a popular American priest had written a book that was very poorly translated into French which is what was read in Rome. Christopher Hunter who offers the most articulate Catholic defense of American principles. True Hank. Blog post. I Am Ecstatic.

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    The Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903 The Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903
    The Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903 The Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903
    The Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903 The Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903
    The Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903 The Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903
    The Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903 The Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903
    The Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903 The Last 10 Conclaves: 2013 to 1903

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