The Old City (City of Whispers, #2)

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It is also mentioned in "Reunion", where one of Oliver Queen's friends mentions having to get back to Gotham. The fifth episode of Young Justice , entitled "Schooled", indicates that Gotham is located in Connecticut , near Bridgeport. In the CW series Supergirl , Gotham is mentioned by a civilian after Superman saves him and his family from John Corben , telling his wife and son they should move back to the city.

Gotham and its vigilantes are referenced by Supergirl during a battle with Master Jailer. It is also mentioned in Arrow , where in the same episode Oliver mentions Bruce Wayne by name. Gotham City was incorporated into the Arrowverse as part of Elseworlds , a crossover storyline among the shows, which introduced Batwoman.

DC Universe. The city makes another appearance in a video game with Injustice: Gods Among Us , where the player can fight in front of and inside of Wayne Manor , on top of a building and in an alley as well. Gotham also appears in Lego Dimensions , and it is a playable stage on Batman: Arkham universe.

Joker also threatens to detonate bombs across Gotham. Most of these locations have major events in the story. In Batman: Arkham Origins , an earlier, younger version of the city can be seen than that of other games in the Batman: Arkham series. In addition to the northern island, this installment in the series lets players explore a new southern island, connected to the former by the Pioneer's Bridge.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Gotham. Main article: List of mayors of Gotham City. Main article: Gotham City Police Department.

Whispers in the Water

Main article: Batman film series. Main article: The Dark Knight Trilogy. Main article: DC Extended Universe. Main article: DC Animated Universe.

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Retrieved February 15, The Star-Ledger. John McCrea a. April All Star Western Vol. Reprints issues 1—6. Lensed seemingly entirely indoors or on covered sets, pic is a magnificently atmospheric elaboration on German expressionism. Its look has been freshly imagined by production designer Bo Welch, based on the Oscar-winning concepts of the late Anton Furst in the first installment. Barbara Ling's production design is outstanding, a stunning evocation of modern Expressionism".

City of Whispers

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The Old City (City of Whispers, #2) The Old City (City of Whispers, #2)
The Old City (City of Whispers, #2) The Old City (City of Whispers, #2)
The Old City (City of Whispers, #2) The Old City (City of Whispers, #2)
The Old City (City of Whispers, #2) The Old City (City of Whispers, #2)
The Old City (City of Whispers, #2) The Old City (City of Whispers, #2)
The Old City (City of Whispers, #2) The Old City (City of Whispers, #2)
The Old City (City of Whispers, #2) The Old City (City of Whispers, #2)
The Old City (City of Whispers, #2) The Old City (City of Whispers, #2)

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