The Pillar of Salt

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Pillar of Salt - Articles, Messages | Bishop Macedo

After the cities are condemned to destruction, G! A riot forms as the citizens of Sodom congregate to abuse the angels because they were believed to be foreigners.

Sodom and Gomorrah PROOF (God leaves EXAMPLE for all GENERATIONS)

Lot, his wife, and two daughters, leave the city under the cover of darkness and are warned not to turn back and witness the utter destruction behind them. To this day, there stands a bizarre rock formation by the Dead Sea said to be her remains, with what seems to be a face looking longfully backwards - over her shoulder from where she came. Idit was born and raised in Sodom. She lived there with her parents, her husband Lot, and her four daughters. Her two eldest had already married local men and the younger two were still single.

Why this prohibition against looking back? What is so dangerous about reflection, nostalgia, and hesitation? On this day of Yom Kippur, we stand in the liminal space between the past year and the one to come, contemplating our life most fully by practicing death in a sense. But let us return again to Idit, imagining her plight with fresh eyes. The rabbinic tradition says that she turned back to look because she could not resist searching the crumbling cityscape for her two eldest married daughters, consumed in the destruction of Sodom.

Can you imagine it? A mother fleeing everything she knew, leaving her home, her family of origin, and worst of all, two of her four daughters. Of course she was unable to restrain herself from looking back. Of course she was unable to move on. The problem was that in becoming frozen, not only did her life end, but, her in her absence, she was unable to continue onward with her remaining family.

She abandoned her two living daughters in the midst of their own grief. In the verses that follow, those daughters, attempting to fill the hole Idit left in her family, sleep with their father in a perverse attempt to fill her abdicated role. Of course the answer is both.

Where Lot's wife froze, world's longest salt cave discovered, explorers say

Thankfully most of us will never mourn the the loss of a child. The pain of such a loss is almost unspeakable. It is the epitome of loss. There are parts of us that are so stuck in the past that we cannot turn our backs on them and move forward. There are elements of all of us that are frozen in time. Unable to be metabolized. Unable to bend. Resistant to change. Ossified limbs that we promise ourselves each year we will do teshuvah for but fail to repeatedly.

Sometimes, we think that we have moved on, and are finally charting new territory, but then realize that we are back stuck in the same old pattern just with a new job, new friends, or a new partner.

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Can I tell you a secret? Do you know what the biggest impediment is to my teshuvah? Hidden under my fears of failure, my laziness, my busyness, and all of my other excuses? I am terrified that I will be wildly successful. If were to prioritise my partner the way I aspire to, I worry that would compromise my success in work.

I really followed my dreams, I worry that my parents and teachers would no longer respect me. I worry If I really forgave someone who hurt me, I would caught flat footed and unable to defend myself from being hurt again.

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I worry that if I stopped letting others down that they would demand even more from me. If became the sort of man I tell myself that I aspire to become, I worry if I would no longer find enjoyment in my life. And if I did change and abandoned my own smallness, what would The World demand of me next? These are not hollow fears.

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Pillars of Salt

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The Pillar of Salt The Pillar of Salt
The Pillar of Salt The Pillar of Salt
The Pillar of Salt The Pillar of Salt
The Pillar of Salt The Pillar of Salt
The Pillar of Salt The Pillar of Salt
The Pillar of Salt The Pillar of Salt

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