Wait for Me - a wartime love affair

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Talking Heads' second album More Songs About Buildings and Food , released in , expanded the band's sonic palette. A decision was taken to rehearse in drummer Chris Frantz 's and bassist Tina Weymouth 's loft, where the band members played before they signed to a record label in the mids. Eno, who produced their previous full-length release, was called to help.

On April 22 and May 6, , a Record Plant van manned by a sound engineering crew parked outside Frantz's and Weymouth's house and ran cables through their loft window. On these two days, Talking Heads recorded the basic tracks with Eno.

The album was released worldwide on August 3. It is completely black and embossed with a pattern that resembles the appearance and texture of diamond plate metal flooring. According to Weymouth, it was accepted because it "fit" with the album's themes and the fact that the quartet was under a lot of stress and pressure when making it.

It wouldn't please us to make music that's impossible to listen to, but we don't want to compromise for the sake of popularity. Fear of Music is largely built on an eclectic mix of disco rhythms, cinematic soundscapes, and conventional rock music elements. The album begins with "I Zimbra", whose lyrics are based on a nonsensical poem by Dadaist writer Hugo Ball. The character is only connected to the imminent collapse of his civilization. Byrne considered the persona "believable and plausible".

Inspired by The Threepenny Opera , the lyricist wanted to create a melancholic and touching track about a person who feels so depressed that even breathing feels painful. The album was well received by reviewers. Jon Pareles , writing in Rolling Stone , was impressed with its "unswerving rhythms" and Byrne's lyrical evocations; he concluded, " Fear of Music is often deliberately, brilliantly disorienting.

Like its black, corrugated packaging which resembles a manhole cover , the album is foreboding, inescapably urban and obsessed with texture. Talking Heads was clever enough to make the intellectual infectious and even danceable. AllMusic 's William Ruhlmann claimed that Fear of Music is "an uneven, transitional album", but nonetheless stated that it includes songs that match the quality of the band's best works.

All tracks written by David Byrne , except where noted. Those involved in the making of Fear of Music were: [9] [43]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Talking Heads. Album [ edit ] Chart Peak Billboard U. Hot [10] U. Mother Jones.

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London: Sire Records. Billboard Books. Retrieved August 9, Pitchfork Media. Archived from the original on January 17, Retrieved September 23, Recording Industry Association of America.

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Archived from the original on June 26, Retrieved September 22, Note: User search required. Chicago Tribune.

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Retrieved November 8, Retrieved March 9, — via robertchristgau. The Encyclopedia of Popular Music 5th concise ed. Omnibus Press. The Irish Times. Scott June 14, Retrieved February 4, In Brackett, Nathan; Hoard, Christian eds.

Spin Alternative Record Guide. Vintage Books. I was actually allocated to be taught in the Duchess School in Ainwick. It was a lovely house used for private female students and they had to give up full day tuition in favour of the evacuees. One week we would attend in the mornings and they would attend in the afternoons - the following week we would change round. When not at school we were taught to play tennis and hockey, and go for walks learning about flowers etc.

Despite excellent conditions, I didn 't settle in Ainwick as I became very homesick. Although very young, I was always wondering if my parents and family were alright and surviving the air raids. I remember becoming frightened that they would be killed and I would be left on my own.

A number of children felt the same way. Eventually, I was brought hack home and continued full-time education just when I could. If the constant air raids lasted long into the night, the schools were closed the following morning to allow the children to sleep during the day. Generally, air raids by the enemy were held during the darkness of night for obvious reasons.

My ambition was to become a teacher but it was difficult to assume regular education so I gave up the idea and eventually ended up becoming an office secretary and did very well after all. Again, in those days children generally left school at 14 years of age and were very fortunate to go on to higher education. Parents were usually professional people who could afford the expense.

I actually passed my examinations and won a free entry to university, but my parents could not afford to send me as I needed uniform and equipment.

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My husband, slightly older than myself, was evacuated to Felton and lived in a house within the sawmills, the owner taking in two boys. He did settle down there and he has told me that he almost felt sorry when he had to return home. Having returned home from Ainwick I found that food was scarcer than ever and most of it rationed.

We were issued books of coupons which we had to surrender when we bought food. Sweets were desperately short and during one period, we were rationed to 2 ozs. My adult family would do without and give me their coupons to buy chocolate when it was available in the shops.

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It was a frequent sight to see housewives standing in queues for hours outside shops when word got around that there could he, for instance, bananas for sale. We were all asked to give something up for the war effort, and my father and I deprived ourselves of sugar in our tea and cocoa amongst other things , and I have never been able to face sugar in my tea since.

My husband was actually in London on VE Day, although it was not planned. He lost his father at the age of six and spent his earlier years in Cornwall where his father was born. Jim's mother and he used to try to go to Cornwall, when money allowed, to see the Cornish family. In those days, it took two full days to get to Land's End from Newcastle and they stayed overnight in London with relatives.

It was during one of these journeys that Jim and his mother found themselves staying overnight in London when the end of the war was declared and I can recall Jim vividly remembering the exuberance, Joy and utter relief of all the Cockney people. He says they were just swept along by excited people all singing and dancing in the streets. People just didn't know how to express their relief, and American soldiers and airmen were embraced, as they did a lot to help us.

My favourite uncle volunteered to join the Merchant Navy, and I can remember how distraught my Grandparents and family were. Being so young, I dtdn 't understand the danger. My uncle's ship was torpedoed by submarine in the Atlantic. He saved himself in the sea and rescued some of his shipmates by hanging on to them while swimming to a lifeboat. He was awarded the MBE, and we were all very proud of him. My saddest memory was seeing a telegraph boy cycling up the street to a neighbour's house.

This usually meant a telegram from the War Office announcing a son or daughter either having been killed, injured or lost in battle. Everyone would wait to see where the telegram boy would stop, and after a short while, my mother and neighbours would run to the house to desperately hear the news - ready to console the family concerned, if necessary.

You can imagine a telegram boy was not popular. Having said that, sometimes a member of family away fighting would do his her best to send a message to say he was on his way home on leave for a short while. Everyone seemed to be in uniform during those dark war days. Either dark blue navy or khaki army or light blue air force. We also had the Home Guard men volunteering to man guns etc.

My happiest memory, I would say, would he everyone giving support. There was always someone there offering help when needed. Just willingly giving and sacrificing always. Doors and windows in houses were never locked against anyone. Burglary, mugging and crime generally were never thought of - there was no such thing - and always people helping and supporting each other in their hour of need. Long trestle tables would go the length of the streets and men would bring out the chairs from their houses, whilst women scraped food together to provide a "feast". I recall there was lots of laughter and dancing in the street - everyone was happy and so relieved that war conditions would gradually disappear.

My only regret during the years following is that I see such conditions today with drug-taking, stealing, bullying etc. Wartime was a worrying time - but the folks with their backs to the wall, showed their stiff upper lip and helped one another.

Wait for Me - a wartime love affair Wait for Me - a wartime love affair
Wait for Me - a wartime love affair Wait for Me - a wartime love affair
Wait for Me - a wartime love affair Wait for Me - a wartime love affair
Wait for Me - a wartime love affair Wait for Me - a wartime love affair
Wait for Me - a wartime love affair Wait for Me - a wartime love affair

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